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  • Red Tortoise Cake (紅龜粿, Âng-ku-kóe)

    The red tortoise cake is a traditional Taiwanese pastry made with glutinous rice and filled with sweet red bean paste. It is shaped like a tortoise because the animal symbolizes longevity, and the color red represents happiness, fortune, and prosperity. Red tortoise cakes are often present at birthdays, festivals, and holidays.

    Our class will be taught by Mr. Chiu, who has decades of experience making Taiwanese pastries. Mr. Chiu is from a family of 12 children, and as a child always spent time in the kitchen making pastries with his mom. The experience of helping his mom, along with a love of walking past bakeries and savoring in the aromas, solidified his aspirations to become a baker. After moving to Seattle in 1977, Mr. Chiu worked at the Oroweat Baking Company making Western-style bread. Now that he is retired, Mr. Chiu continues to make pastries to share with family and friends.

    During this hands-on class we will learn how to make red tortoise cakes from scratch using traditional wooden molds. The instructor will also pass on the baking secrets he has accumulated through the years to ensure your red tortoise cakes are perfect every time.

    Space is limited so register before all seats are taken!

    Ang Ku Kueh Mold

    Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 10:30 AM · $5.00 USD · 2 rsvps
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