Zoe Eye(愛) Taiwan


Zoe Lin is a 17-year old student at Newport High School in Bellevue Washington. She held an exhibit of her photography at the Taiwan Cultural Center in Bellevue to raise money for the Arbor Day Foundation.


After learning photography in school, I thought that it would be a fantastic opportunity to practice my skills during my summer visit to Taiwan. Taiwan holds a special place in my heart, since I spent my childhood years living at the foot of the Yang-Ming Mountain in Beitou, Taipei. During my trip, I brought my camera everywhere I went, capturing the daily life of Taiwanese people in various street corners in different cities. The humid weather, piercing sun rays, temple-hopping tradition, savory foods, and local night markets are essential to the Taiwanese culture.


One of the most memorable places during my visit was the beautiful Penghu islands. I observed the simple life of the sun-tanned locals freely riding their motorcycles to the sea. The people fascinate me because they have independence and genuineness in their eyes. The beaming sun, clear liberating sky, and the deep blue sea transform into a warm summer wind in my heart. Watching the sunset after an afternoon of snorkeling with tropical fish is truly a wonderful experience. These memories and observations of Taiwan are central to my identity. In my eyes, Taiwan’s beauty is in the land, the people and their intriguing stories. I would like to continue capturing the spirit of Taiwan through my lens in the future.



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